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   Maui spans 729 square miles. It's approximately twenty miles wide and forty-eight miles long. It's small--very small.
   It's the second largest island in the Hawaiian Island chain. Maui County includes the islands of Kaho'olawe, Lana'i, Maui and Moloka'i.
   It has a rich and diverse culture with a population of over 110,000 people.
   The island is laid back, safe and friendly.
Emmy Award Winner
Dusty Saunders
"Oh My! No one has covered sports on television as thoroughly as Dusty Saunders.
Now, the reader of  “Heeere’s Dusty” gets the back room stories and insights of the characters that comprise the sports–TV family."                                                                                                
                               Dick Enberg

"They don’t make them like Dusty anymore. He brought nobility to the greatest generation of ink-stained wretches ever to manhandle a remote control.
Prepare, dear reader, to smile your way page by page through a delicious read."
                                  Bill Moyers
   The prophecy tells us that an evil man will come. He will bring destruction and chaos to Amensdale.
   His ultimate goal is to rule the world. He will kill anyone in is way unless they join him.
The prophecy also tells us that a young girl will come whose destiny is to return the lost dragons’ souls to their kin. In doing this she will bring the downfall of the evil one.
   The prophecy leaves these people unnamed as this is yet to come. It has left us signs instead so that we may recognize the girl and help her on her journey. She will have silver hair, emerald eyes, and will be half-god, half-mortal.
   On her quest she will be companioned by a Shape Shifter, an orphan, and another immortal   but are they friend or foe?
   The Waiting Cross is author P. F. Bottom’s latest novel based on the life of St. Luke, the only Gentile writer in the New Testament.
    The quest to look beyond the life of an extraordinary man, P. F. Bottom investigates Luke as, not only a physician, but a historian, artists and follower of Jesus Christ.
   One can’t help but wonder: Was Silas actually Luke’s brother? What type of relationship did Luke develop with Paul? What events sculpted Luke’s views and who were the people he interviewed to write the book of Luke?
   In a fascinating fictional journey into the life of Luke, P.F. Bottom explores the nature and growth of early Christianity, the Apostles, and the events leading up to Luke’s role as an author and historian.

  Luke's Journey to find the Historical Christ
   Long-time Denver, Colorado sports broadcaster and host of the Artificial Turf radio program has done it again.
   In his second Turf Tales book, Rogan has combined his years of experience with his natural humorist talent to come up with some of his best short stories.
   If you’re a sports fan, then this is the book for you.

   I am often asked what minor league baseball life is like. Is it exciting to ride on the team bus?  Do you get to go into the dugout? What are the players like? Most often, my answer is that minor league baseball is a traveling freak show circus.
It is as far from the glitz and glamour of the big leagues as you can imagine, at least the majority of the time. Each day seems to bring a new story or memory that you never could have imagined, with each one more unusual than the last.
   Over my years in minor league baseball, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness many of these zany and comical things firsthand. I’ve traveled to many ballparks, met countless interesting people, and built up a wealth of wacky minor league memories. Still, I’m just one broadcaster. I’ve only experienced a small sliver of the tales that could be told. 
   Is it the darkness of your soul that you fear?
   That is the question Doctor Zachary Wylie has been asking himself since the brutal death of his wife and daughter.
   With nothing left to lose, he leaves his life behind as a surgical resident and journeys toward the dark continent of Africa.
   Will fear consume him? Will a friend's life be saved? What will become of his soul?    
   This is a gripping tale of one man's journey of discovery in Africa.

   Annie and her family are living peacefully on their Kansas farmstead when a masked robber invades their home one cold March night and turns their lives upside down. In addition to the terror of the robbery, the man who has been hiding in the outbuildings leaves a gate open and Annie's beloved pony, Pansy, runs away.
   The mystery involves not only who could have committed such a brazen crime against the family, but also where has Pansy gone.
   Annie mounts her own search for the pony which takes her to the barn of a crusty old recluse neighbor, and to more danger and adventure than she could have envisioned.
   In a sports world driven by hype, attitude and look-at-me catch phrases, there are still some in sports broadcasting that get it. They view their profession as a craft that should be studied, learned, and practiced. Bill Rogan is one of those sportscasters.
   Throughout his two-decade-plus career, Bill Rogan has seen and done just about everything in the world of sports broadcasting. From play-by-play and color analysis to interviewing and talk-show hosting. Bill has worked in every area of this industry. He’s been both a student of broadcast giants, and a mentor for countless others looking to break into the industry. As someone who has learned a great deal from Bill over the years, I can say his insights and willingness to share are second to none.
   Trapped in the middle between murder and friendship, Seth Brown is looking for a way out.
   Danger leads him through a maze of unknowns, forcing him to abandon his apartment and his job at Hawkins Laboratory.
   Without hesitation he turns to the only friend he has left, Samantha Nichols.
   Together they have little time to unravel the twine that binds together the death of his colleague at Hawkins Laboratory and his latest scientific experiment.
   With few clues Seth must quickly find a way to save a friend and secure the C61.
  “No matter how down and out someone may be, hope lives. Rick Fisher’s story proves that. His has been a most-incredible journey that is a must read for anyone who believes in the power of faith.”

    Bob Diddlebock, Time Magazine
   This is the true-life story of Rick Fisher-also known as The Fish.
   His story is one of faith and redemption, with the great game of baseball as the one constant in his tumultuous life.
   One cool morning, in a little church on the edge of Denver, Colorado, he went from despair to clarity. In one swift move, the hand of God reached out and captured his heart and gave him purpose.
   Follow Rick’s journey through family, friendship, faith and his love for the game of baseball.

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